Turkish Airlines is the official airline of “Konya Agriculture 2018”

Europe's Biggest Airline Becomes The Official Airline of Turkey's Biggest Agricultural Fair
The sixteenth edition of Konya Agriculture, Agricultural Mechanization and Field Technologies Fair will be organized this year between March 20-24, 2018 at the Konya Chamber of Commerce - Tüyap Konya  International Fair Center by Tuyap Konya Fairs Organization Inc. with the support of the Turkish Agricultural Equipment and Machinery Manufacturers' Association (TARMAKBIR).
Twenty percent of Turkey’s working population is employed in agriculture and food industries, the percentage share of the gross national product of agriculture known as 6.1. The surplus of agriculture in our country, the dynamic and the existence of young population promises a profitable market for foreign investors economically. While Konya has 65% of the market in the production of agricultural machinery, the city where gets the power from production will host a memorable exhibition.
The official airline contract was signed between Konya Agriculture Fair and Turkish Airlines, Europe's biggest airline company. Turkish Airlines, which has previously undertaken the famous airline title of many famous brands and events, will carry the visitors of the Konya Agriculture Fair in 2018.
Tüyap Konya Fairs Organization Inc. General Manager Ilhan Ersözlü said: "Our institution Tüyap Konya Fairs Organization Inc. has signed the official airline contract for 16th Konya Agriculture Fair with Turkish Airlines. I would like to point out that we are pleased to share this agreement with the public. Having welcomed over 300,000 local and foreign visitors last year, Konya Agriculture Fair has become a brand fair for the local economy as well as for the country's economy. This brand fair’s official airline has become the one of the best brands of Turkey which is Turkish Airlines, we believe that this agreement will bring a new breath to Konya. Turkish Airlines is the official airline for the first time of the fairs held outside Istanbul, this step of Turkish Airlines is a major exhibition gesture support towards the development of agriculture. I would like Tüyap and Turkish Airlines to come together in new projects with the positive business union established for Konya Agriculture Fair.”
In the past year, 304.527 people from 48 countries visited the most innovative machines of 402 companies and company representatives in agriculture mechanization from 17 countries. In terms of covered square meters, number of foreign and domestic visitors, Turkey's largest agricultural fair Konya Agriculture is bringing foreign investors and domestic companies on a one to one business meetings with Konya Chamber of Industry and Tüyap cooperation. This year, there are signals that B2B organizations will be very busy. In addition, in accordance with Agriculture 4.0, various technological developments in the sector will be observed in the fair, special invitations are sent to many professional visitors interested in this subject.
Turkish Airlines is the official airline of Konya Agriculture 2018” and special discounts are offered on certain booking classes. In order to proceed with the online booking tool for Turkish Conventions please visit the Turkish Conventions website https://www4.thy.com/TKC/app/main?language=enand use the event code 018TKH18 under delegate section.