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Chaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province Borujen Khadem Ghorani Industrial Park / / SHAHRE KORD / IRAN, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF
Contact Info: +98 913 382 7022
Hall: 7
Stand: 707
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In 1983, it started its activity in the field of producing agricultural tools and other tractor accessories and has continued its activities in this direction with the aim of increasing quality and satisfying customers. With the passage of time and the increasing development of machinery technology, as well as the need of farmers for tools and machinery with outstanding characteristics compared to the past, such as superior quality, the need to spend less time, cost and manpower in production, since 1999 this unit with Recruitment and cooperation of experienced and trained workers in the field of drilling machines in line with the production and delivery of machines.Devices with the mentioned specifications for the use of dear farmers as well as quality control officials have taken a huge step with the aim of controlling the production lines from moment to moment and increasing the quality of production products.

Maral TrailerTrailer, four ton, two wheeled

this vehicle is used for transporting a variety of agricultural, livestock, and horticutural crops as well as construction and industrial materials, even in mountainous areas. the high strength of the room compared to old- fashioned rooms stylish appearance

Mounting design without wheelWinnowing thresher

This machine is used to winnow or seperate the grain from the straw, especially in cereals, legumes, and grains.

ReglageTractor mounted and electric

This device is suitable for shredding all kind of forage for livestock (straw, alfalfa, clover,...)

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