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fevzi çakmak mah. 10664 sok. No: 32 / Karatay / KONYA / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 532 256 9914
Hall: 7
Stand: 728
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You re in correct address for rotary drilling in African soil. We are 35 years experienced drilling rig company. Especially we are expert in Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Kuwait, Qatar, Algeria, Tunisia and Nigeria. We are a family company. 4 brothers are working in every stage of manufacturing. So that we produce high quality rigs and we have happy customers. Especially warranty; you will have one year warranty. In the beginning if you decided to buy any rig from us when it finishes one of our brothers come to your country and tests the machine infront of you and gives training to your workers for 15 days. Also after buying a machine in one year if you have a problem with the rig in couple of days we come to your country and fix the problem. We are looking forward to have you here in our factory. For more details please visit our website ( Or contact us on the What s-app (+90 532 256 9914) Best regards

WATER DRILLING RIG500 800 1200 meters water drilling rig

In large drilling equipment, the functions carried out by individual machines have been combined in drilling machines and the opportunity has been made by a machine. Rotary drilling machines are mostly used for water, surveying and mining purposes. Drilling is started from the point which is determined to be the most efficient in terms of groundwater. Then, when the target depth is reached, the drill drill and drill pipes (rod) are taken out, the well is taken into the casing with a casing pipe smaller than the diameter of the drill, and the granule is filled with washed and screened granule drill bore. Then, the well is cleaned and developed (with compressed air, piston etc.) and made ready for use.

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